Poker Lingo For Amateurs

20 08 2010

The World Series of Poker has sprouted many followers in the last couple of years. Amateur tables are popping up all over the world and friendly cash games are everywhere come Friday night. Whether it is for thrill or profit the so called sport of poker has the attention of many onlookers year round. While Amateurs know the basics of the game they usually get lost in all the poker lingo spoken at the casino poker tables. While some is lingo is made up by experienced players to throw off the amateurs, some are actually well known terms in the poker world that any amateur trying to make it big should know. Below is a guide to all the poker lingo you could ever want to impress your friends or intimidate an experienced opponent. Take a look.
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What is Spread Betting ?

29 06 2010


Spread betting is a great way of betting,particularly for sports fans and bettors – no matter how unequal a sporting contest is you can still enjoy a bet – with the opportunity betting from the first minute right through to the very end.Not only can you bet right through any sporting event you can change your mind,and adjust your bets at any time !.
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Blackjack: Quickstart Guide

25 06 2010

Having been a blackjack dealer and gambling instructor, I have taught countless people how to playing the game of Blackjack.

The game of Blackjack is a very simple one to learn and you can be on the table playing in just minutes from now. On my main website (, I go more in detail about gambling, but this quick start guide will give you everything you need to play a game of Blackjack. For the purpose of this article, we will focus on playing Blackjack online. Read the rest of this entry »

Online Baccarat: Hot Tips for Success

23 06 2010

Other than just being the game that Ian Fleming used as the backdrop for the first ever book he wrote that featured the now-legendary British spy, James Bond, (switched to poker in the newer vision featuring Daniel Craig) baccarat has always been sought after by casino lovers starting from the beginning of the last century when the game gained notoriety through the Wild West casinos and gaming halls.
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Casino Is The Temple Of Games.

21 06 2010

“An individual plays only when he is human in the full sense of the word, and he can be wholly human only when he is playing”. Friedrich Schiller

The history tells us that in 49 B.C. the famous ancient Roman commander Julius Caesar, having won brilliant victories over barbarian galls, wanted to seize supreme power in the Eternal City. Then the frightened senators forbade him and his troops to return to Italy.

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Why Online Poker is a Lot of Fun:Playing Online Poker for a Living

5 05 2010

Many persons have become enamored with online poker and inquire me often, “I desire to play poker professionally on the Internet, what manage you recommend?” One difficulty I have with this inquiry is that is appears that the conclusion has currently been made. Online poker is a lot of fun as a interest, but playing for a dwelling is rather distinct and is a conclusion that should be mindfully considered out before quitting your day job.

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Online Poker FAQ

24 03 2010

Online poker has become unbelievably well liked over the past some years and it examines as if it will extend to do so. However, regardless of its worldwide attractiveness there are many of inquiries persons have about online poker and would like to understand the responses before they start wagering their hard acquired cash online. Fortunately, there are responses to these questions. Just extend to read and you should find the response to some of the most often inquired inquiries considering online poker and wagering on the Internet.
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