Roulette: The difference between American and French Roulette

26 05 2010

The roulette is a game of chance, which can be found in every casino again. It was the time the symbol of gambling and is an integral part of any casino. Both in casinos and on the Internet is the most popular and most known roulette casino game worldwide. The word Roulette is a French word and say it in German “small wheel”.

Roulette is available in two different versions. The two best known are the “American Roulette” and the “French Roulette. These are actually the same game with the same rules. Both versions include the same Roulette Roulette components. The roulette, the game consists of a “roulette”, the roulette machine, a ball and a “tableau,” a table table with different numbers and betting options.

To understand the difference between “American Roulette” and the “French Roulette” better, one must first know all the history of roulette.

The inventor of the roulette

The Roulette game was invented not by a gambler or casino player, no more of a mathematician. Around the year 1649 a French mathematician recognized cycloid tinkering in his theory.

His name was Blaise Pascal.

Blaise Pascal was 19th June 1623 Born in Clermont-Ferrand, France, and died 19 August 1662 in Paris. He grew up in an official aristocratic family and enjoyed a prosperous and good education. Blaise Pascal was to be known as a French mathematician, physicist, writer and philosopher. His mathematical talent was unmistakable even in his most recent years. As a young man impressed Blaise Pascal, the higher circle of mathematicians and scientists at the Père Mersenne in Paris.

Already in 1642, Blaise Pascal invented his first calculating machine, which he

the “Roue Pascale baptized. Roue is called in French the wheel

The Roue Pascale “allowed first only additions, later also the subtraction of numbers. He even received a patent for his invention, which rendered him, but not wealth.

In later years, dealing a lot with Blaise Pascal number order, number combinations and probability calculations. The theme of “profit opportunities in the gambling deals” him very much. To Blaise Pascal built this topic in different theories and works to a large extent with dice games.

But in order to represent his experiments and theories can be tangible, designed

Blaise Pascal another machine, which should support him in his theories statement. This machine consisted of a rotating cylinder and well-defined sequences and combinations, the model of a modern roulette.

Without knowing it, Blaise Pascal was thus the prototype model of an invented until now legendary casino game. Soon developed to the once thought of as an attempt helper machine for wide popular casino game Roulette.

The Roulette, Blaise Pascal’s machine should be found quickly fallen in and was taken over in all casinos. In a short time, the roulette spread all over Europe. Up to this date, the roulette game with the numbers combinations of “0” to “36 played,” according to the original model of the prototype, the machine by Blaise pascal.

Beginning in 1800 to conquer the roulette America.

Also on the continent far away from Europe, all players enjoyed themselves at the roulette. But right here in America should change the start of the roulette.

The roulette was played in America now, with more numbers.

Instead of using only a zero “0 to play”, a further bonus number was added to the roulette, the Doppeltnull “00.” So the American casinos a better house advantage and the players had less chance to win. The “American Roulette” was born.




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21 06 2010
Diana Dawson

i really love this. It is so exciting.!! This has been a really very interesting read i must say!!

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