Lee Ann Liebenberg

Like the rest of the south African population is going to care.

Lee Ann Liebenberg  at FHM Dec 2007

Lee Ann Liebenberg at FHM Dec 2007

But lately,if you happen to pick up a copy of heat or you/huisgenoot,you will find local celebrities photographed going to the shop. I mean,they were not given as much attention as that of worldwide celebrities. There’s more,so wait for it the following was. And well,they are essentially even more widely known and esteemed now for getting engaged. I found this to be strictly and absolutely unusual because South African Celebrities are getting more accomplished and ordinary by the day.

Lee Ann Liebenberg

Lee Ann Liebenberg

Taking Danny K  as an example(because that was the sole name I could think of at the time ),what amazed me was the fact that Wikipedia only had his full name together with his birth information. But I suppose that the advertising worked because there were no complaints. South African celebrities i applied to love the fact that south African Celebrities was then so serene and quiet. And with all the photographs been taken of celebrities,surely they could have least ways one photograph to put up. And do you acknowledge why? Danny is widely known and esteemed for being a south African musician.

It’s not like we are the ones who are going to be cuddling him,neither is the bed going to cuddle us,so why would any individual purchase the bed then? I think that they will have to have changed their angle for the advertisement. Some individuals look up to them and others want to be exactly like them. This is what it says: top south African musician Danny k and top south African model Lee Ann Liebenberg have moved their numbers across to italk cellular and are loving it. But the real surprise was that there was no picture of him. Whatever the reason can be,sales for the bed did increase.

Lee Ann Liebenberg in Red

Lee Ann Liebenberg in Red

From endorsing a bed to endorsing a cellular network,they have surely set their standards. As I scouted the web searching for which South African celebrity to talk about, I found that Wikipedia does not have much to say or quite,they doesn’t have a great deal of info concerning our celebrities. They also included a list of award ceremonies he attended or something like that. If that does not make them stars,then I confession and doubt I’ll ever know. His fiance, Lee Ann Liebenberg is widely known and esteemed for being a south  African model.

Lee Ann Liebenberg

Lee Ann Liebenberg

Danny reminded me of an earlier discussion we had in class in which a certain class member said that she didn’t consider Danny and his fiance to be labeled as stars. Lee Ann says that Danny is a good curdled. But that’s just my impertinent and personal opinion. I have seen the bed advertising more than one times before and to be totally honest, I found the advertising to be unappealing. I came upon the italk cellular advertising for the introductory time in the Sunday times paper.

Yes,like that is going to support me get started drinking milk. At the end of the day,whether we like them or not and disregarding of wikipedia, they are stars.

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4 05 2010
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” At the end of the day,whether we like them or not and disregarding of wikipedia, they are stars.”

– You’re right about this, but they have a reputation to maintain too. Many stars just fall off the radar one day, because they fail to do so.

9 12 2009
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