How To Spot The Bluff When Playing Online Poker

4 11 2010


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Online Casino Guide

This article is strictly referring to online poker games. It has nothing to do with reading the players. You can read here about some moments in the game when it is likely for others to bluff.

1. When they are still betting after a bad flop

Watch other player. Let’s say they already did bet pre-flop and their position was not that good. Now the flop is on the table and it is poor, so you have to think they could be bluffing. So raising the bet, or re-raising it might make them think about it, because they probably stand zero chances with the drawings and they might fold.
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5 Things To Consider When You’re Thinking Of Playing At On Online Casino.

5 07 2010

Online Casinos try very hard to create the “real-world” gaming experience on your home pc. The best casino software offers astonishingly realistic graphics along with fast paced action and a user friendly interface. While most of today’s online casinos do their very best to ensure that the games are fun and fair, as an online casino newbie, here’s a few thing you should consider before you plunk down your money.
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Earn Money Playing Slot Machines… Or Not!

20 05 2010

Yay, what a life would that be – seated behind the adorned slot appliance, striking buttons, sipping Bud Light and certainly cashing out large-scale bucks, or coins. Sure, we understand that casinos (even online casinos, yes) take their “edge” and profit from hideous earnings, but we don’t believe about it when we step into a localized casino or log on to our very well liked online casino.
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